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Our Climate Action Festival (CAFé) ran from 1st to 21st October and we had lots of exciting events.

Saturday 2nd October

FOR: Local residents and communities.

WHAT HAPPENED: Demonstrations, discussion & fun focus on skills and technologies that help us to take climate action action and “what does the future look like?” 

VENUE: Harrogate College.

TIMES: 10am to 4pm

Harrogate College.jpeg

School Competition (age 5-18)

“My ideas about how where I live can be climate friendly”


Prizes were announced on 2nd October at the Climate Action Festival “What does the (sustainable) future look like?” event at Harrogate College.

Entrance 3.jpg

Friday 15th October

FOR: Local businesses

WHAT HAPPENE: “Net zero business” conference to help support businesses wanting to reduce their carbon emissions.

VENUE: Harrogate Convention Centre.

TIMES: 9am to 6pm

Fringe Events

As well as our two main events, we had a number of fringe events running throughout the Festival:

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