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Friday 8th October 2021

Walk, cycle, bus or 'park and stride' to school, to help protect our planet!

DATE: Friday 8th October

LOCATION: Across the Harrogate district


We are encouraging families in the local community to swap their car for alternative, lower carbon transport methods, to lower the carbon footprint of the district. Children participating are our ‘Zero Heroes’, helping us on our journey to net zero.

Start building better transport habits by joining in with our Walk to School Day every half term. Swap your car commute to school (or at least the last part of it) in favour of walking, cycling or taking the bus/train.

Some pupils who live in rural locations may feel they cannot get to school any other way than with their car, so car sharing and the ‘park and stride’ option also count. If parents can park their car sooner than normal, and walk the last part, that still lowers their carbon footprint. Every mile counts!

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: Choose to leave your car at home and walk to school and let your friends and family know #walktoschoolday


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Twitter @ZeroCHarrogate

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