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Below are 5 actions we recommend taking to reduce your carbon from business energy use


HDCCC and Harrogate Council are both committed to becoming Net Zero by 2038.


Our vision is that the Harrogate District as a whole has a net-zero carbon economy by 2038, and we invite you to help us by committing to making your business Net Zero by then.

The top 5 actions we recommend taking are here. You can also read our detailed guide which provides details on these and other options to reduce your energy bill and energy carbon footprint. 

1. Energy Tariff

Switch to a green electricity tariff - saving carbon at potentially no extra cost (businesses who regularly switch energy suppliers usually save money on their bills)

2. Energy Efficiency Audit

Consider arranging an energy efficiency audit - to quickly identify opportunities to save energy, money and carbon

3. Light Bulbs

Replace your light bulbs with LEDs - saving carbon and up to 80% of your electricity bill

4. Heating and Cooling

Review heating, cooling and air conditioning approaches - new practices or technologies could save your business money and carbon

5. Travel

Opt for greener transport - e.g. replace end-of-life business vehicles with low carbon options and ask suppliers for low carbon delivery options

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