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Teresa's renewable electricity success story...

Teresa from Harrogate emailed to tell us about how she has reduced her carbon footprint and has helped her friends to reduce their electricity bills. Teresa switched to an all green energy provider, at no added charge. We haven't checked out the detail and cannot recommend one supplier over another - but Teresa says she used a British company, who give excellent service within the UK, fair pricing and even offer 5% interest on balance. Teresa must have amazing influencing skills because she has referred 3 of her friends, all of whom have almost halved the cost of the electricity they are buying by making this switch to renewable electricity. I'm going to see if I can save money by switching from my current renewable electricity provider to another.

Most wind powered renewable electricity is generated offshore, but that is a little tricky to photograph in Harrogate District. This photo was taken at Knabbs Ridge in February, 2021.

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