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New lead chief executive for low carbon across Yorkshire and Humber local authorities

With a new role as lead chief executive for low carbon and climate change for all Yorkshire and Humber local authorities, Wallace Sampson, Chief Executive of Harrogate Borough Council and member of Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition, shares a few thoughts with us.

"I am personally delighted to see the launch of the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission. In my capacity as lead chief executive for low carbon and climate change on behalf of all of the local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region, I have been working with a group of colleagues to support the development and launch of the regional commission. It presents an exciting opportunity for our region to demonstrate that it is possible to collaborate at such a large regional scale to reach net zero carbon emissions. No single individual, organisation or place can make the change alone to achieve net zero and so the opportunity to collaborate at the regional level is both exciting and important. Notwithstanding the importance of the regional climate commission to help us to make significant and long-lasting change, there is much that we can do as individuals, communities and businesses and the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition has an important placed based role in helping us to achieve our local ambitions.”

Wallace Sampson
Source: Wallace Sampson

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