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Local community carbon reduction action at parish level

Often our first step to knowing how to reduce emissions in our local communities is knowing what they are, so we can see where to make changes. Now even those of us who live in rural parishes can see data relevant to our communities!

This tool is very easy to use and shows your local parish carbon footprint, broken down into sources:

Image of a doughnut chart showing the CO2e emissions of Dacre parish in Harrogate district. 8.2t CO2e per-household territorial footprint (p.a.). Emissions breakdown (t CO2e): Agriculture 32.17; Housing 6.87; Road Transport 4.02; Industrial and commercial 2.01; Aviation 1.46; Shipping 0.58; Waste management 0.49; F-gases 0.38; Other Transport 0.21; Diesel fuelled railways 0.
Image source:

If you aren’t sure which parish you live in, you can find parishes here:

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