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Introducing our energy sub-group

  • Our Energy sub-group is made up of local people, working voluntarily, to help Harrogate become net zero by 2038, with significant reductions long before that date. Our members are passionate about fighting climate change.

  • Some of our energy sub-group are already helping households and businesses in the Harrogate District to reduce emissions. This includes, installing energy efficient and renewable energy technologies in homes, buildings and at manufacturing sites.

  • All members of the energy sub-group have offered some very interesting and engaging content for a climate Action Festival (CAFe) in October - tailored appropriately for both business and residential audiences.

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Image shows sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK: Transport 27%; Business 17%; Residential 15%; Energy supply 21%; Agriculture 10%; Other 5%; Waste management 4%.

The illustration comes from this UK Government report:

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