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Let's learn about a UK path to net zero!

February 2021 learning events! Here in Harrogate District it would help us to deal with climate change if we understand some of the challenges and opportunities ahead of us. There are some very high quality free events from the statutory national Climate Change Committee (CCC) available for booking via

  • 10 February: Net Zero: The role of individual action

  • 17 February: Net Zero: The role of business

  • 24 February: Net Zero: The role of local action

  • 03 March: Net Zero: The need for joint action on adaptation

Did you know the UK has a legally binding Net Zero emissions target? The CCC recently published its recommendations for how to get to net zero by 2050 in the Sixth Carbon Budget. So, why not attend at least one of their free online events?

Photo credit SPX, Unsplash.

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