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Rotary Wood - the climate benefit of mature trees

Figures calculated using the UK Government approved Woodland Carbon Code show that, “By the end of 2020 Rotary wood had already sequestered more than 237 tonnes of CO2. By 2027 the growing trees will have sequestered over 362 tonnes of CO2. By 2038, the more mature wood will have sequestered over 620 tonnes of CO2” (1).

Compensation planting of 5.2ha in addition to the proposed 1.05ha would need to be planted in the season of 2021/22 in order to provide the same carbon capture benefit of the existing Rotary Wood by 2038 (1).

Note: This is an extract from our comment on the revised planning application made by Danone (Harrogate Spring Water). You can read the full text on our Linkedin page.


(1) Forster and Gugan (2021). “Carbon losses from the proposed Rotary wood felling and compensation options.”

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