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Local commitment to climate and environment

It is great to know that the Harrogate Borough Council Planning Committee and many local residents recognise the natural carbon capture and storage value of Rotary Wood, as well as its climate and wider biodiversity and social benefits.

This commitment of local people to our climate and environment gives the Coalition confidence that we will have support from the community as we promote changes which will help residents and businesses in the District to rapidly decarbonise.

We know that most of our greenhouse gas emissions need to come to an end within the next ten years to mitigate against climate change. The majority of this will be achieved through reducing our demand for fossil fuel energy in our homes, travel and commerce. We are publishing a climate action survey for residents very soon, followed by a questionnaire for businesses. The responses of local people will help the Coalition to ensure that we can helpfully and clearly communicate the information people want to know about how to reduce their carbon footprints.

First published 21st January on our Linkedin page. Comments disabled here as we are volunteers with busy lives. Sorry if that's a disappointment to you!

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