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Climate Action Festival plans coming together

We're getting excited as things are coming together extremely well for the Climate Action Festival in October.

CAFe was featured in the Harrogate Advertiser this week, with just a few of our HDCCC and CAFe organisers and representatives from Pinewoods Conservation Group and Horticap, shown in the photo below. To read the article, click here.

Five people surrounded by trees. Four are standing, one is kneeling in the centre. All are smiling at the camera.
Photo credit: Harrogate Advertiser (

We now have sponsorship packages available and are seeking expressions of interest for speakers and exhibitors at the community action day on Saturday 2nd October, and the Net Zero Businesses conference on Friday 15th October.

We would love to hear from churches, schools, shops and other organisations willing to run a fringe event or relevant promotion during the festival, which runs from 1st to 21st October.

If you would like to take part, visit the Get Involved page on our website.

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