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A busy January for HDCCC

Our new trustees and sub-group members were pleased to have many opportunities to voluntarily use their expertise to inform local strategies for climate action in January.

For example:

  • Launched a public consultation on our new 5 year strategic statement of intent.

  • Followed up on our December consultation meeting with the local council. We recommended specific improvements to the revised Harrogate Borough Council Carbon Reduction Plan. For instance, we identified a need to ensure a timed, measurable and fully costed plan is provided to show how each action will reduce emissions and contribute to reaching net zero by the council's target date of 2038.

  • Attended the West Harrogate Parameters Plan consultation meeting and provided Harrogate Borough Council with many written recommendations to suggest ways in which building developments and infrastructure could be designed in order to limit carbon emissions.

  • Ensured HDCCC voice was heard via local press, to raise awareness of the many benefits of climate-friendly changes which can already be made by local businesses, organisations and residents.

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