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30th November 2021

Children will realise how their uniqueness can make a positive difference in the world and that their choices, creativity and values have impact on our people and our planet.

DATE: 30th November 2021

TIME: 9am to 12pm


MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 250 – School classes (8 classes)


This unique Sustainability Conference for Children brings Y5 classes together online from different schools to learn and explore careers and sustainability together. This session will help Y5 children think creatively and make responsible decisions for our people and planet. They will explore their own unique awesomeness and realise that our diverse differences make the world thrive! A full morning of activities is led by Epic Steps online and supported by teachers in the classroom and includes fun and varied explorations of sustainability, career thinking, global innovation and the circular economy.  Unique Epic Steps quiz software, throughout the morning, prompts children to offer their own individual thoughts, interests and opinions to create a fantastically fun and dynamic experience for all involved.

HOW TO BOOK: Please email at Alison Edmonds at

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Host details

Epic Steps CIC supported by Harrogate College

Please note that HDCCC is not responsible for the running of this event. This event is being hosted and managed by Harrogate College who have their own Safeguarding and Health & Safety processes and procedures including Public Liability Insurance which is provided by Hiscox. 

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