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Land use

HDCCC will promote sustainable innovations in agriculture and promote net zero in land use by protecting and enhancing key natural assets in such a way that supports sustainable food production whilst fostering resilience and promoting biodiversity.

HDCCC will seek to ensure that the unique local landscapes in Harrogate District are managed in a way which maximises opportunities for natural carbon capture and storage in peatlands, woodlands, and other natural ecosystems.


Encourage the use of shared transport such as trains, buses, and car clubs and recognise the importance of active travel during the ’last mile‘ in successful local transport systems.

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Grand funding is available for both landlords in the private rented sector and commercial landlords to make energy efficiency improvements to their properties. 

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food waste

There are three regular courses provided through Zero Carbon Harrogate for property businesses, contractors and trade in Harrogate District (Air Source Heat Pump Installation Training Course, FCR Retrofit Awareness Course and  Pas2035 Retrofit Assessor Training).


For more details, including funding arrangements, providers and eligibility please go to the Zero Carbon Harrogate website:

tree planting

Here you'll find details of how to get an assessment of your property, carry out work and advice of what materials to use.

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