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October 2021 - our first district Climate Action Festival

Coordinated by the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition

There were lots of exciting things at the Festival...

2021 was a great year to hold our first district Climate Action Festival (CAFé) as the UK hosted the COP26 global UN climate summit, which attracted huge interest. Many local people wanted to know what they can do to help reduce the damage being done to the climate, and local organisations also ran climate action activity.


Learn how we can act now to limit damage from climate change and ensure a thriving future.


1st – 23rd October 2021. The month before the UK hosts COP26, the global UN climate summit.


Various venues in rural and urban places across Harrogate District and some online on our website.


Please tell us what you are doing to raise the profile of climate action during CAFé – so we can help publicise your work.

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