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Launching 8th October 2021

Go car free every Friday

DATE: Friday 8th October onwards

LOCATION: Across the Harrogate district


We are encouraging the local community to swap their car for alternative, lower carbon transport methods on Fridays, to lower the carbon footprint of the district.

Rather than trying to ditch your car altogether, start with just one day of the week. Reducing your carbon footprint is about making lasting habits, not just about a single event day.

Instead of using your car as normal on Fridays, try walking, cycling or using public transport, as part of a community effort to reduce our district’s carbon emissions.

Some may feel it impossible to leave the car at home completely at first - but remember that driving less distance, and walking the last part to your destination, all still helps lower the carbon footprint of your journey. We call this ‘park and stride’ - every mile counts!

HOW TO GET INVOLVEDFollow this link to show support for this campaign and sign a pledge to go car free on Fridays:

Don't forget to let your friends and family know #carfreefridays

Facebook @zerocarbonharrogate

Instagram @zero_carbon_harrogate

Twitter @ZeroCHarrogate

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