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Friday 15th October 2021
Harrogate Convention Centre

The flagship Business Net Zero Conference hosted by Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition, Harrogate Borough Council and PlanetMark, took place on Friday 15th October at Harrogate Convention Centre.

Sponsored by Chameleon Technology, businesses were invited to join the event as we discussed the concept of net zero carbon and why it is critical for businesses to make this transition. We heard Carbon Stories from local organisations including Yorkshire Water and Bettys and Taylors and learnt how to support your businesses journey. The full day event took place from 9am-6pm and saw speakers present on a variety of topics and sectors.

There were opportunities to engage with suppliers at the sustainability marketplace and the opportunity to sign up to free sustainability workshops for your organisation. Take a look at the full agenda now.

Carbon Battle Bus

The #ZeroCarbonTour and Carbon Battle Bus headed to Harrogate as part of a UK wide tour on route to COP26.

On the day, we saw the UK's first 100% electric coach, affectionately named the ‘Carbon Battle Bus’.

Zero Carbon Tour.jpg

Our sponsors

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